Taking on at home care for a heart patient

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Taking on at home care for a heart patient

The first time my dad had a heart attack was terrifying. Little did I know that by now he'd have had another 2 heart attacks and be living with us full time. I want him to stay healthy for as long as possible, so he can see my kids grow up. I've become quite the expert on managing heart disease at home, including all his medications and the diet he needs to keep to. Additionally we have become familiar with our local hospital's emergency department, as you need to know when to bring him in and when to monitor at home. This blog is about caring for heart patients.


Your Guide to First Aid in the Workplace

2 November 2022
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No matter what type of setting you work in, accidents can and will happen. It's for this reason that having an onsite first aider is always a good idea. If you're planning on taking a first aid course, here's a quick guide to first aid in the workplace. Having the Right Kit   Alongside having the right training for your environment, you need to have the correct kit. In a lot of workplaces, a basic kit is sufficient. Read More …

First Aid Do’s and Don’ts for Traumatic Head Injuries

3 November 2020
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There are two types of head injuries. The first one is a closed head injury, which results from an object striking your head without breaking your skull. Secondly, you can suffer a penetrating or open injury where an object hits your head and breaks the skull. Penetrating injuries often result from an extreme blunt force hitting your head. For example, going through a vehicle's windshield in the event of an accident can easily result in a penetrating injury. Read More …

First Aid Course for Student Advisors

16 December 2015
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If you take on a role as a student residential adviser (RA) at a university or residential college, it's important that you take on a first aid course that covers some of the important health issues for teenagers and young adults. Here are some specific issues that RA's first aid training needs to cover. Mental health issues The first episode of many mental health issues can arise in university. The combination of the age groups, the additional stresses of university life and using alcohol and drugs can exacerbate and in some cases trigger mental health issues. Read More …